The Co-operative Party

How was founded

Back in 1917, the Co-operative party was founded, to guard and promote the Co-operative Movement. They managed to obtain a political representation and get into all levels in the Government. Even though the Chelmsford Co-operative Party was not founded until 1943, it still played a crucial role in our community, as well as society.

To discover more about this movement, how it founded, and who are the ruling members, then you should read our history. It is available in many shops, which are our members.

Our goals

Since our political party works to improve co-operative, social, and voluntary organization, as well as different forms of economic, our policy relies on democracy and mutual ownership. Additionally, our organization wants to enhance co-operative values and principles by implementing them in Labor and Trade Union Movement.

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In our opinion, people will achieve more if they combine forces and work together. We believe we have a significant impact on the future of our economy, which further affects our society. Our organization aims to empower individuals, as well as communities, by offering them various opportunities and initiatives.

What we do

Chelmsford Co-operative Party holds a virtual meeting every month, and all members are engaged in a political debate. These meetings have one thing in common and are designed to point out the importance of the co-operative and mutual sector.

The organization holds conferences on various topics and engages reputable speakers who come from the East of England.

Even though we are an independent political party, we have an agreement with a Labor Party, which has proven to be beneficial for both of us. Currently, 30 members of our political party are in the House of Commons.

How to contact us

To discover more about our Co-operative party, make sure to contact us at For local or membership information, please contact Malcolm Wallace at or telephone 01245 601373.