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The Biggest Retailers In the UK

The Biggest Retailers In the UK

In the last couple of years, we have experienced a significant shift in the consumer goods industry. As the rest of the world, Britain isn’t the only one affected. In today’s article, we will discuss the top eight retailers in the UK, and also their impact on the British economy.


Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK, and it has more than 3.000 outlets. This company uses its store network to influence millions of consumers around Britain.


Sainsbury’s is the second largest retailer in England. Despite the fierce competition, this company has managed to protect its market share. However, the rapidly changing market still has a significant impact on this company.



This company seems to be more focused on long-term strategy than its competitors. Nowadays, big retailers tend to neglect the long-term effect and focus on more pressing matters.


Even though large supply chains earn a considerable profit, the Morrisons continues to endure the reduced market share. This company has a unique strategy that helps them keep customers and allows them to remain as one of the top UK retailers.

John Lewis

The superior quality, accessibility, and service help John Lewis continuously grow in the home wear division. We believe it’s the quality that put’s this company at the top and the reason why people trust their services.

John Lewis


If you ever wondered what the heartland of the UK grocery is, then look no more, you have found it. Aldi is the company that offers the most competitive prices and invest a lot of money in improving their services.


The Co-operative has faced a lot of challenges in the last couple of years. However, their strategy, which involves rescue, rebuild, and renew, is beginning to gain a lot of attention.

For that reason, this company takes a proud place among top UK retailers.

2 Sister Food Group

The second food and business company on our list, the 2 Sister Food Group is one of the biggest retailers in the UK. The Baljinder and Ranjit Boparan own the business.