Our Founder

NickOur organization was founded by Fegan Samuel, who had a significant impact on our entire structure. His guidance, ideas, and sense of direction led us to becomes one of the biggest Co-operations in the UK.

But, let’s go back to the beginning and explain how everything started.

First of all, the retail business in England can be quite unpredictable. As a retailer, you depend on a lot of factors to keep your business floating. For that reason, Fegan decided to create a body similar to a union which will protect the right of retailers as well as customers.

Our Co-operative isn’t only focused on businesses, but also on regular people, such as college students and housewives. Fegan ensured that anyone could become a member, and the membership fee is only 1£.

Thanks to Fegan Samuel, we are one of the most successful organizations in the UK!