Members Benefits

Almost 50,000 local people have already become members of the Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society and are regularly enjoying the benefits now available to them.
Nowadays £1 doesn’t buy you very much… not unless you are a member of Chelmsford Star Co-op.
For just £1 you can enjoy some very unique benefits.

For example, you will receive your exclusive Member’s Starcard which will gain you stars on most purchases from our food stores, department stores, travel and funeral services.
These stars are then annually converted into Dividend, (subject to the amount the Society has made), following the Annual General Meeting in April.

You’ll also be able to gain more stars during special promotional periods and at other exclusive members’ events. So, the more you spend throughout the year the more dividend you’ll earn.
Alternatively, why not reap the benefits from the ultimate shopping reward – our prestigious 500 club.

  • As a member you can also
  • Be eligible for election to
  • The Board of Directors
  • Membership Committee
  • Co-operative Party

Take advantage of better than high street bank investment rates with our share capital.
This can be a fantastic opportunity for many people who are looking for to cut down their expenses. By choosing to shop in our stores, you can explore numerous benefits and even get dividends at the end of the year. We consider this an excellent way to reward our members for their loyalty.