2012 International Year of Co-operatives – the IYC tends to raise awareness and explain the impact economic impact of co-operatives. It is designed to promote the autonomous formation and thriving of co-operatives.

Black Gold – the shopping malls and supermarkets are packed with multinational coffee companies. This industry is now worth more than $80 billion, and after oil, coffee is the most valuable trading commodity on stock markets.

Chelmsford City FC – Our Community Card, as well as co-operatives,  support Chelmsford City Football Club. What to join this noble cause?

Chelmsford Fairtrade Town Campaign – Chelmsford was the first town is Essex who was awarded Fairtrade status.

Co-operatives UK – this is a national trade body that advocates for co-operation and works really hard to develop, improve, and bind co-operative enterprises.

Ethical Exchange – it is designed to help people understand about ethical organizations and issues on the internet. We tend to avoid prejudices and help everyone feel accepted.

Smile – The Internet Bank.

NetmoreM2M – IOT & M2M service provider

The Fair Trade Foundation – we understand that third world companies and manufacturers face a lot of difficulties. Therefore, we generate better deals for them and help them break through the market.

The Fair Traders Co-operative – all products go through our inspection and are rated for their positive impact on people and the plant. In this case, we are supporting small suppliers and local businesses.

The Society for Co-operative Studies & Research – this is an independent voluntary organization which assists everyone interested in our movement around the world.

UK Co-operative Council – the UKCC was founded in 1991 to unite co-operation in all its forms.

Whomadeyourpants – It’s all about those amazing women who need jobs and want to work, but don’t have enough chances.