Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society Ltd is a significant employer locally owed in Mid and South Essex area. We take pride in what we do, but we also care about the people and the community we do business with.

Currently, our co-operation employs more than 700 people in four trading divisions: travel, funerals, department stores, and food. This means there is a lot of job opportunities for young individuals. If you are committed and willing to work and improve your skills, then we have a position for you.
Additionally, we offer flexible working patterns. So, whether you are a student, or you need a part-time job or even a fulltime job, then we got you covered. Our co-operation also provides free training and development for our workforce.

Please check our website for more information! We publish a monthly newsletter with the list of current vacancies. If our list doesn’t include the position you are looking for, then make sure to send us your CV and complete application form.

The application form is also located on our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. We hope we will achieve an excellent business relationship.