Community Card

What is it?

One of the Co-operative values is self-help which was the reasoning behind the development of the Community Card as a fair tool to aid any local community group that needs to raise ongoing funds for whatever reason.

Launched in July 1999, the Community Card Scheme has grown from strength to strength with many local groups reaping the financial benefits. Today over 200 local community groups have opened a Community Card account, amongst them are schools, playgroups, sports clubs, charities, churches, scout groups and many others.

To join this free scheme, simply register your group and you will be given a membership account number. You may then request a number of cards which will be personalized to your group, just hand them to your supporters and ask them to present them at the till every time they shop in any Chelmsford Star Co-operative store.


Most purchases you make qualify for stars which can be converted into cash at a rate of £5 for every 1,000 points. Funds can be withdrawn on a quarterly basis or carried over. When you cash in your stars we will donate an extra 50% to your group.

Our Member Relations department can also help you by promoting fund raising events, offer press and PR support and customer awareness campaigns through our trading outlets.
In this way, we want to award our loyal clients, but also show our co-operatives how much we appreciate our business relationship. We think that our Community Card should service you as motivation, to spend money with us, but also to save.

As we mentioned before, you can convert your stars into cash. Depending on how much you shop, you can save a considerable amount, on an annual level. Don’t miss an opportunity to become our Community Card member.

On the website, you have all the instruction on how to become one and how to get your card.