Additional Benefits

  • Assistance from our Member Relations Officer Rod Lemka
  • Press opportunities and contacts
  • Help with promoting groups through our trading outlets
  • Quiz nights and other opportunities to raise cash funds
  • Fund raising activities
  • Presentation evenings attended by companies and associations that may assist and educate groups

Thank you to all the groups who attended the 6th birthday celebrations. It included 6 presentations on beneficial subjects such as how to write a press release, fund raising, local grants and free training schemes. All left the evening very much wiser and with an additional financial bonus for their group.


We were honored to having you there, and we hope our constrictive workshops will help you build the necessary skill to improve your knowledge. Our goal was to make people interact gather new contacts, which will help them improve their business. We are looking forward to seeing you next year to celebrate our 7th birthday and work on new and interesting stuff.